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HBP: S08E12: Cobra Kai actress Rose Bianco who plays Miguel’s grandma, talks acting, Cobra Kai & more

Rose Bianco is a classically trained actress who started out on the stage. Moving to San Francisco from Chicago, she became involved with Les Nicolettes feminist comedy theatre troupe. It was in San Francisco where she went to the comedy club, and the one and only Robin Williams stopped in and did a one hour set! Rose continued her career on stage before taking a break to raise a family and has returned, appearing in many movies and tv series. She is currently the beloved character of Rosa Diaz, the “yaya” of Miguel Diaz, one of the protagonists of the hit show CobraKai on You Tube Premium, and moving in August to Netflix! Sit back and enjoy some great story telling from Rose about her career and her love for being on Cobra Kai

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