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HBP: S08EP19: Cobra Kai’s Sensei Ron Thomas talks Karate Kid, Cobra Kai and life

Ron Thomas is one of the original castfrom The Karate Kid where he played Bobby, the member of Cobra Kai who had a conscience and tried to steer his friend Johnny in the right direction as well as stood up against Kreese. Ron reprised his role as Bobby in the worldwide #1 hit show Cobra Kai where he has gained an entire new fanbase as well as rekindled the nostalgia of those original KK fans. Since Karate Kid, Ron has led a life helping others. Through being a real life world martial arts champion and sensei to his students, through to being amotivational speaker and life coach (voted best in America by Good Morning America), he has reached and helped many people with his words and excellent philosophy he holds about life, synchronicity and more. I have to say this was one my favourite interviews as I am fascinated by this philosophy and look forward to welcoming Ron back to discuss the book he is currently writing.

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