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HBP: S08EP22: Filmmaker Jimmy Olsson talks about his latest short “Alive” & more

Jimmy Olsson is a award winning director writer who began working with film professionally in 2005 after attending a two-year training course at Kulturama in Stockholm. After several years in the advertising industry as an assistant director, production manager and director, he chose to concentrate on directing in 2011 and released his first professional short film that year after finishing film school. It was called “Repressed” and it toured many festivals. It was also then when Jimmy understood what kind of stories he wanted to tell. He likes to go right into the depths of people, and, with the help of symbolism, he strengthens what the characters feels inside. Jimmy is very inspired by the films of the Dardenne Brothers, Michael Hanekes and Andrei Tarkovsky. Jimmy tends to take events and experiences from his own life and put them in another context and into different characters who in turn can understand them better. His latest movie “2nd Class” has garnered great success at variousfilm festivals around the world. The film was an example of a new way for Jimmy to make movies. It is a film where he was inspired by the Dardenne Brothers but also a film that is clearly original and shows Jimmy’s own style. In the future, Jimmy wants totell stories that you feel in your stomach. He likes it is when it is low-key and when one gets the characters to work with their facial expressions. Jimmy’s goal is to continue making art house movies for broader audiences.

2nd class has been on tour for two years and have claimed 52 international awards. His other short films have also claimed several awards over the years. His latest film Alive is his best work so far and it has already won numerous awards at big festivals and is now eligible for a Oscar Nomination.

He is currently working on several new and longer project. 2 features and 2 tv series are in development

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