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VS: Episode 351: Clark Fredericks

Today, we bring you an episode unlike any other that we have recorded in the past 7 years. Clark Fredericks is a survivor of horrific childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his former Scoutmaster, Dennis Pegg. After years of drug and alcohol abuse, living with the weight of his molestation, and spinning out of control, Clark ran into his abuser, and went on to murder him later that day. Clark was sentenced to prison, but was released only 5 years later with massive support from not only the enitre community, but from people all over the world as his story made national headlines. Clark has gone on to become a motivational speaker, has helped changed the statute of limitiation for victims, and continues to help victims all over. Clark’ story is filled with tragedy, but also filled with light, meaning, and overcoming. We are very glad to have done this interview. Check it out!

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