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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 30.

Duckman and George ‘The Animal’ Peel are back to bring you news and show reviews in the weird world of pro wrestling. It’s a pro wrestling podcast, with a decidedly Scottish flavour. On the show this week…

With Covid restrictions finally lifting in Scotland, George has been out for his first night out in 14 months. There’s loads of weird restrictions around drinking in Scotland and George tries to navigate this new strange world. Was it fun? Did it nearly end in disaster? Of course! Get all the details on this week’s show!

Plenty of wrestling to review and discuss as the lads do a deep dive on AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV. Their first PPV in front of a sold out crowd in over a year. And WOW, what an entertaining show! Duckman was back watching great wrestling with his brother and had a damn fun time. The lads go through all the matches, finishes and the young home-grown stars who were the focus of the show. Plus they love the use of veterans like Sting, Matt Hardy and Christian. Plus Taz and Don Callis are two of the best heel commentators working today and they are GREAT on this show!

WWE have been making headlines with more roster cuts and also a rumoured potential relationship with NJPW. The lads discuss all of this, what it could mean for the future of both the wrestlers who were released, and WWE moving forward.

The show is wrapped up as always with the Random Retro PPV Review. This week is WWF Backlash 2000. A perfect example of a one match show. That one match is so great – HHH defending the WWF Title against The Rock, with Stone Cold Steve Austin in Rock’s corner. It’s a truly historic match and one of the best WWE main events of that era. The rest of the show is super solid with no really amazing matches, but some solid under card work. The level of star power is pretty amazing and does lead to the question of ‘where did it all go wrong’ with WWE. A fun review of a really fun show.

So sit back, relax and get some SATP goodness in your life. Thanks for listening, spread the word of the show and all that good stuff.

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