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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 31.

Duckman and George ‘The Animal’ Peel are back to bring you news and show reviews in the weird world of pro wrestling. It’s a pro wrestling podcast, with a decidedly Scottish flavour. On the show this week…

The lads are back and ready to talk wrestling! Duckman got super high before the show, so a few tangents and dead ends are negotiated by the lads throughout the show. Hopefully it’s as funny as Duckman found pretty much everything on this show. There’s a full review of NXT Takeover – In Your House, the cosplay, nostalgia show which seems to be aimed squarely at the guys who book the show. It’s a decent Takeover (but one of the weakest they’ve done) and the lads go through all the matches, finishes and marvel at the most annoying man of the 90s (Todd Pettengill) showing more charisma and charm than any of WWE’s robo interviewers.

So. Much. News. The lads talk Samoa Joe’s return to NXT, the futures of Karrion Kross and Bronson Reed, WWE’s plans for the summer and more. There’s loads of AEW news as well as the lads look back on the Hager v Wardlow MMA match, Brock Anderson’s debut and they look forward to Dynamite getting back on the road and the great matches they’ve announced so far. The lads also look back at IMPACT/TNA which celebrated 19 years in business recently. They go through the highs and painful lows of IMPACT down the years and acknowledge that despite all the issues, IMPACT/TNA has been a hugely important part of wrestling and has produced some great talent and moments during the past 19 years.

The show is wrapped up, as always, with the Random Retro PPV and damn we’ve got a fun show this week. It’s WCW Great American Bash 1995. The show which should be renamed The Bobby Heenan Masterclass. Seriously, Heenan is so incredible on this show he basically carried the whole thing. There’s all the usual mid 90s WCW fun – wild crowd, bizarre matches and finishes, tons of superstar talent and a GREAT main event with Ric Flair taking on Randy Savage in a grudge match. We can’t do this show and review justice. It’s just so much damn fun! And Bobby Heenan is the greatest colour commentator of all time. As George puts it on the show “there’s Bobby Heenan and then there’s the rest.”

So sit back, relax and get some SATP goodness in your life. Thanks for listening, spread the word of the show and all that good stuff.

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