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MFX: MFXtra: The Scottish Announce Table – Ep 33.

Duckman and George ‘The Animal’ Peel are back to bring you news and show reviews in the weird world of pro wrestling. It’s a pro wrestling podcast, with a decidedly Scottish flavour. On the show this week…

Duckman did it again, he ate an edible before recording. Fun times! The lads are sweltering in a heat wave in Scotland, they are not built for this season and the argument could be made this weather is anti-Scottish. Duckman has a PS5 so he’s celebrating obnoxiously about it. The Euros finished since the last show, so that lads talk the horrible racist response from England fans to their players missing penalties. Plus Duckman is having issues pooping in his own home, while being staked by his landlord. It’s a long story.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all the high rambling of a Duck like Man, there’s also TONS of pro wrestling news to cover. So strap in cause we’ve got WWE back with fans, Cena returns, Goldberg returns, Keith Lee returns, Karrion Kross is the vessel for Vince to say ‘fuck you’ to HHH and NXT for losing the ratings war he started with AEW. George actually watched a few WWE shows, so we have a man on the inside for a change.

Over in AEW it’s been super quiet. Oh wait, no it hasn’t, it’s been INSANE. If rumours are to be believed, it’s about to get even more crazy. They’ve had red hot crowds, some great matches, promos and angles. Plus Daniel Bryan and CM Punk signing rumours are running wild. The lads break all this down, with Duckman becoming like a giddy school girl with his marking out over AEW and what the future could hold.

The show is wrapped up as always with the Random Retro PPV Review. This week it’s one of the most important shows in wrestling history – WCW Bash at the Beach 1996. Of course the Hogan heel turn is the only thing on this show anyone remembers. The lads go beyond that historic moment though to talk about how awful pretty much all of this show is. The opener with Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis is a classic, Dean Malenko puts the beating of a life time on Disco Inferno (which Duckman LOVES), The Nasty Boys and Public Enemy show just how bad wrestling can be (which George HATES). And then there’s the mother of all heel turns! Plus Bobby Heenan and Dusty Rhodes are on commentary. Say. No. More. Another super fun review of a classic show.

So sit back, relax and get some SATP goodness in your life. Thanks for listening, spread the word of the show and all that good stuff.

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