BSPN: Episode 015: Live from Facebook

Thank you for your Awesome August donations! Here is your extra special, one time only, HD, special edition, ultra-powerful BONUS EPISODE. Featuring: Ben Dorst, Steven Domingues, Shawn (Of Horribly Awkward) […]

ATWT: Episode 72: It’s Free to be Nice

Like the podcast’s evolution from Alliteration to Sling Blade to Beat Street vs. Breakin we cover a wide variety of topics on this episode.  Larry finally concedes to an ongoing […]

PBS: Episode 150: Shower Sitters

This episode contains: Tuesday recording, Steven and drugs, roller coasters, Ben and waiting in lines, what our time is worth, Mother’s Day, being a dad, Steven is sick, Ben’s panic attack, […]

GDC: Episode 104: Murder on Mars

Clint is joined by the team behind the awesome comic Astropunk – writer Kenneth Centers, artist Paul Gori, and editor Shawn M. Greenleaf. Listen as we discuss the new Kickstarter campaign, collaborating […]

TKOTRKT: Emmy Talk

In this mini-episode, Bobby talks about the AFC, and NFC East, and then tries his hand at predicting the 2016 Emmy Awards.  Thank you all for listening, and enjoy!

TXDE: Episode 86: Grave Plot

This week we are out at our future resting place!! yes our future graves lol grab a beer and check this weird shit out lol 

ATWT: Episode 68: The Hustle Standard

If you’ve seen the movie Southpaw, then you still may not know our guests name, but you know his music!  Charley Hustle is a producer, songwriter, artist and founder of […]

PBS: Episode 149: Tranny on a Bike

This episode contains: The Canadian, “Fal-cone,” the deepness of RSP, TMZ, picking an intro song, new podcast, Steven watched Suicide Squad, reshoots, different versions of the same movie, The Joker, […]