PBS: Episode 111: Fartrometer

  This episode contains: Numerology, phone numbers, hot buttered rum, Dorst has a screwed up pallet, things about us, Dune is not good, Jessica Jones review #spoilers, ridiculous deaths, sound editing, […]

DLP: Episode 117: Once Upon a Time Ago

In this episode, SPJ returns to pitch his new Science Fiction thriller, Pretzelmania 15: Vape at the Beach. Milky wants to talk soccer news so badly, while Pouch ignores him […]

GDC: EPISODE 65: Autographing The Table

 Todd returns from the dead, making deals with Cthulhu, being sick, new glasses, Clint’s a lover & not a fighter, Todd sounds like Barry White (not Betty White), Fear fills in, […]

SFP: Episode 081: Briny Sublimation

This episode contains: Posh dinner party, spices, scuba diving classes, enriched air diving, oxygen in the atmosphere, breathing pure oxygen, Twister and Michael Crichton, J.J. Abrams early career, no interview/guest […]

RSP: Episode 033: Scrooged

In this episode: Scrooged This week we watch the Bill Murray Christmas classic Scrooged! Does Sloane have a new job? Is she bitter? Dorst has some family traditions and Sloane thinks […]

PBS: Episode 110: It Must Have Been Love

This episode contains: Rolling starts, Wookey Jack, English pints, old Dorst, show anniversary, healthy cakes, what people like, sugar, ketchup, time goes by too fast, Dorst’s birthday, Dorst the watch guy, […]

DLP: Episode 116: Milky/Pouch Experiment

In this episode, Milky and Pouch attempt to host the pod together with no Semi-Permanent. They found little success. Pouch complains about the sudden influx of Snape Haters, while Milky […]

RSP: Episode 032: Outbreak

In this episode: Outbreak Sloane has to deal with the fallout of raging in Costa Rica. The Cubes, the Dons and the Pats keep our hosts company as they watch the […]

PBS: Episode 109: The Men in the High Castle

  This episode contains: Periscope hilarity, Metroid mindset, Sloane’s family, Dorst is confused, complaining is cathartic, old dogs, Facebook is still terrible, dogs bark, telemarketers, we know nothing about Brazil, Thanksgiving recaps, […]

DLP: Episode 115: Jackhammer Jesus

In this episode, SPJ returns to inform us of some sacrilegious sex toys and then introduce us to a red diaper-clad Sean Connery, in a new Semi-Plot. Pouch explains the […]

GDC: Episode 63: Bite Me, Benjamin Burnley!

This episode flies in on the wings of change – brand new intro/outro music, brand new co-host! Introducing Clint’s brand new co-host, Todd! Clint opens with a joke, Todd’s background & how […]

SFP: Episode 079: Law and Orbit (Dun Dun)

This episode contains: Devon is a certified open water diver, 60 ft, out of air, emergency ascent, all day in a swimming pool, wet suits, breathing under water, buoyancy control […]

PBS: Episode 108: Broken Home

This episode contains: Not on Periscope, participation medals, Steven eats, Edna powering thru being sick, nice way to say vomit, Wayne’s World, the Melodrama, broken families, throwing family under the bus, stating […]

DLP: Episode 114: Banana Fights

In this episode, Ness returns to express grief over the loss of Phil “Filthy Animal” Taylor, the original drummer of Motorhead, in a new Metal Ness. Milky has flashbacks of […]

GDC: EPISODE 62: Bada** Zombie Killers

In this episode, Clint sits down with Lee Garvin, the man who is Reality Cheque Games. We talk about the story behind Reality Cheque Games and break down Lee’s newest game, […]