Episode 052: What a Lovely Day

This episode contains: SFP turns 1, the ups and downs of SFP, Daredevil (4 out of 5 according to Devon), The Martian by Andy Weir (5 out of 5 according to […]

Episode 082: Choreography of Chaos

This episode contains: Numerology, Dorst took a David Lynch class, California writing test, making a Lynch movie, Dennis Hopper is dead, Twin Peaks, fire bush, watching porn with strangers, Lynch […]

Episode 008: Predator

In this episode: Predator Sloane and Paul watch a sweaty classic from 1987, Predator. Featuring the manliest handshake known to man, massive love for Carl Weathers, mercenary definitions, Arnold and […]

Episode 051: Night Diving

This episode contains:“Funny anecdote here,” Devon’s trip to Hawaii, manta ray night diving, plankton attracted to light Pop-Sci: NASA and squid robots, NASA funding new ideas, soft robot squid pros […]

Episode 081: A Peasant’s Death

Playing with knobs, why don’t we make jokes about the show number anymore? Steven’s not a racist, Mexican food vs. BBQ, white people discounts, why is race still a big […]

Episode 007: Top Gun

In this episode: Top Gun Sloane and Paul watch one of the most jet filled, Tom Cruise smirking, adrenaline pumping, volley ball playing movies of all time. Listen to them […]

Episode 050: Revenge of the Fifth

This episode contains: Cinco de Mayo, Revenge of the 5th, Han Cholo, something about the French, the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, new format: Pop Sci: iPhone case pulls energy […]

Episode 080: Listener Appreciation

This episode contains: What we thought would happen when we started doing the show, where we are now, circus clowns, things we’ve done since we started the show, old stinger […]

Episode 006: Animal House

In this episode: Animal House Sloane and Paul watch one of the most recognizable college movies of all time. They reminisce about their own college experience, including sexy times, the […]

Episode 049: Super Volcano / Barbarians

This episode contains: R2 with rockets, fans put X-Wing in space, Yellowstone, super volcano, other volcanoes, judgement day (Terminator), cloning dinosaurs for oil, Steven’s Jurassic Park story,  video gamer brains, […]

Episode 079: Get Money

Recorded Aptril 25th, 2015 This episode contains: The epic conclusion to the Dropping Pure BS: The Brodown crossover event spectacular! Featuring: BigBigDickSteve, Fred Dorst, WildCraft, Milky, SPJ and Pouch! The […]

Episode 005: Basic Instinct

In this episode: Basic Instinct Sloane and Paul watch one of the most vulva-tastic movies of all time! Sharon Stone bares all in the non-plot movie starring ageless Mikey-Dugs. “He […]

Episode 048: Visible Planets / Reboots

Recorded April 22nd, 2015 This episode contains: Star Wars 7 trailer, 88 million people watched the trailer, line from Return of the Jedi, “and my… sister has it,” Star Wars […]

Episode 078: Teasing the Jury

Recorded April 20th, 2015 This episode contains: Star Wars special show, we try to end the show, technology crush videos, has our show hit rock bottom?, Dropping BS brodown, painting […]

Episode 004: The Matrix

In this Episode: The Matrix Sloane and Paul dive into one of the late 90’s most influential action / philosophy movie of all time starring Joey Pants: The Matrix. Keep […]