Episode 077: Neck Beards

What happened in 1977?  #NerdGhetto, Steven does not know what the Concord is, Voyager 1, SFP on PBS, where is the edge of our solar system?, the definition of A.U., […]

BSPN Special: Episode 7 Circle Jerk

This episode contains: Ben, Steven and Devon of the BS Podcast Network get so excited, they can’t hold it in and have to talk about the new trailer for Star […]

Episode 046: Aluminum-ion / Sci-Fi Ideas

This episode contains: Outlets in airports, R2-D2 dome lighting, Astromech.net, plastic v. metal droid, Pure BS Twitter, R2 drive systems, tank driving, ultra fast aluminum battery, metallic pouch of hot chocolate, […]

Episode 076: #dieselgrip

This episode contains: Big orange balls, gas station talk, March Madness, 2 A’s, bracket challenges, Where is Duke?, gambling and gas, Easter Sunday, new dad for Dorst, world famous Pismo Beach, […]

Episode 002: Back to the Future

  In this episode: Back to the Future Michael, the coolest kid at school, and Doc Holiday the crazy scientist at the edge of town, come together for a science […]

Episode 045: Gender / Gay Star Wars

This episode contains: Devon working out, Devon’s physique vs the rest of BSPN, Alien Isolation, Ripley’s daughter, directors cut of Aliens, Blade Runner directors cut, game play for Alien Isolation, […]

Episode 075: Fat Joe Cameo

Recorded March 30th, 2015 This episode contains: Sloane is back, altered state of mind, Dorst is sober, The Reel Stupid podcast, Dorst Indian Jones botch, The Temple of Doom, Asian […]

Episode 001: Star Wars

In this episode: Star Wars Journey with Sloane into the year 2077, where Hand Solo flies his ship through time to save Earth! Along the way he meets robots of […]

Episode 044: Rice / Future Food

  Recorded March 25th, 2015 This episode contains: Devon hasn’t had candy since October 15, 2013, La Fondue, fondue desserts, cheese and beer, homemade chicken pop pie (recipe below), quinoa […]

Episode 074: Wasted

Recorded March 23rd, 2015 This episode contains: Gunner with Dorst and pulling down cables, important things happend 1974, confusing acronyms, Russia vs US in space, Mission Impossible trailer, DLP shoutout, […]

Episode 043: 3D Printing / Replicators

Recorded March 18th, 2015 This episode contains: Sub-orbital asteroid, hanging out over the weekend, Munchkin: gateway game, serious board gaming, X-Wing game, Expanded Universe ships, Shadows of the Empire, YT-2400, […]

Episode 073: Craft Whiskey

Recorded March 16th, 2015 This episode contains: Stinky cum, Happy Birthday Bubba, Bubba’s surgery and giant head, Dorst’s giant head, Turbo Graphix 16, Bonks Adventures, Devon’s Giant head, steroid use […]

Episode 042: Galactic Size / Fermi Paradox

Recorded March 11th, 2015 This episode contains: Black cats, Devon’s dog—Zoe, dog training, humane choke collars, life-sized fake dog, Milky Way Galaxy, Snickers Galaxy, Thee Musketeers Galaxy, Baby Rush Galaxy, […]

Episode 072: Furious Neverbeast

Recorded March 9th, 2015 This episode contains: Living to 72; guaranteed or roll the dice with the chance to live longer, thinking about death, beers in college, Dorst’s funeral, corpse […]

Episode 041: Thought Flying / Alien 5

Recorded March 4th, 2015 This episode contains: Steven is hosting, PBS co-hosting, “The Big Chair,” Devon’s game show voice, what game shows we watched, Super Market Sweep, Chopped, game show […]

Episode 071: Keep Your Socks On

Recorded March 2nd, 2015 This episode contains: Screwed up schedules, hungry babies, mystery mass, half eaten gophers and their stuffing, Dorst’s neighborhood cat Eyeless, differences between cats and dogs, Eyeless […]