SFP: Episode 057: The Brains of Inside Out

This episode contains: Frantically trying to think of a reference to Inside Out, joys of parenthood, Indiana Jones, Crystal Skull was apparently the best they had (yikes).   Pop Sci: […]

Patreon Episode 003: Spirk and Kock

This episode contains: Three owners of an incorporated business reenact some K/S fiction for your listening pleasure. The explicit tag is very much in effect for this one. What’s that? […]

PBS: Episode 087: 10.6 Pints

This episode contains: Numerology, butt plugs, ATM, porn categories, Steven explains the internet, true random, South Carolina flag, scary ghosts, NPR, traveling is Steven’s favorite, Pete’s a silly goose, the […]

GDC: Episode 39: The Kings of E3

Nathan is sick, so joined by my awesome friend Tony, Elder Scrolls Online, Clint’s reading comics again, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World review, Lego Jurassic World, we want a Pip Boy 3000, […]

SFP: Episode 056: Jurassic Recap

This episode contains: Running from dinosaurs, name for baby dinos?, group of dinos?, Steven’s anti-vax story, SFP Ep. 36 (for full discussion of vaccines), arguing with true believers, “Gish Gallop,” […]

RSP: Episode 011: The Lost Boys

In this episode: The Lost Boys This week the dynamic duo of Sloane and Paul chat about the UnTapped app. After that bit of solicitation, they get into the Vampire […]

PBS: Episode 086: Bucket Full of Mayo

This episode contains: Green Day, Steven’s first record, music definitions, “Pop Punk”, NOFX, age of our audience, working at the bar, defining “86ed”, Casino, sexy pics, bucket full of mayo, […]

DLP: Episode 93: Taco Fart

In this episode, Paco returns to bring some new tasty Tacos and finds the hilarity in sporks. Milky seems intent on coining new terms to describe Paco’s Tacos, while Pouch […]

SFP: Episode 055: Life Finds A Way

This episode contains: Steven frantically gives up, dino feathers, Jurassic Park pre talk. Nature Watch: drunk chimps, fermented tree sap, making wine, visible signs of inebriation, wine gets the party […]

PBS: Episode 085: Gentlemen Sausage

This episode contains: Back to the Future puns, real date for Back to the Future, Jaws, Max Spielberg, World Series from the future, NBA playoffs, tantric sex, more Back to […]

DLP: Episode 92: You Shall Not Pass

  In this episode, Ness returns to weigh in on the new PornHub project and heads to Sweden for his band recommendation on Metal Ness. The boys say goodbye to […]

SFP: Episode 054: War, War Never Changes

This episode contains: Devon’s cold, Airborne, “made by a teacher,” crap studies, special alien fighting rocks, Simpsons did it, alien bounty hunter pickup line. Pop Sci: Spider silk, Spider-Man’s family, […]

RSP: Episode 010: Split Lips

In this episode: Split Lips Welcome to the Reel Stupid Podcast new night and time! Sadly, there is no new Reel Stupid Podcast today, but instead, Sloane and the boys […]

PBS: Episode 084: A Handsome Woman

This episode contains: Bizarro PBS, Steven hates IPA’s, beer at lunch, Dorst is detoxing, Steven loves Pitch Perfect 2 but hates text messages, a capella singing, Pitch Perfect chronology doesn’t […]