GDC: Episode 90: Pinball Wizards

Todd’s off getting drilled (it wasn’t as sexy as that sounded), so this episode Clint is joined by gaming buddy & pinball enthusiast, Ryan Gibson (a.k.a., Gib8777)! We talk about pinball, pinball […]

SFP: Episode 103: GMO Extravaganza! Pt.1

:::Contains Explicit Language::: Special guest: Miles Greb, creamy chicken, comic cons, SFP shirts, After the Gold Rush in print, GMOs, labeling, March Against Myths, March Against Monsanto, anti-vax, anti-fluoride, anti-nuclear, […]

WP: Episode 109: Call of Duty Sucks

  Zach and Jonny react to recent Call of Duty and Battlefield trailers and the controversy they spawned. They also talk about the upcoming Comicpalooza panel featuring the Houston Nerd-Casting […]

PBS: Episode 133: There’s Water in Beer

This episode contains: New promo, end of season bbq, Nipomo Phoenix, what happens to the banner, perpendicular, geometry, good time, how much did Ben drink, beer every 30 minutes, after party, […]

DLP: Episode 138: We Are 138

In this episode, Pouch racially profiles a Florida Man, while Milky admits to owning some BDSM gear. Ness returns for a special Metal Ness celebrating The Misfits.  Pouch here. We […]

GDC: Episode 89: Lemon Party

Todd went dental and Clint is loopy on NyQuill, so shenanigans ensue! This week, Clint is joined by the one and only JR Blanton, the Founder/CEO/Publisher/Head-Writer of No Gravity Studios, as […]

SFP: Episode 102: Rogue Hyperloop

This episode contains: prior attempts, Warriors game, light bracelets, cheap clothes, Fallout 4 Driving Miss Daisy: sixth sense while driving, texting, test description, class action lawsuit stuff, brain loop coordination […]

TXDE: Episode 69: The Bogeyman

This week on the show Agent M and Inspector Gidget jump into Civil War, news and the topic is The Bogeyman!! Grab a beer and sit back and enjoy the […]

Episode 046: Happiest Place on Earth?

  This episode contains, editing RSP, Audacity “plug” Disney World adventures, no Matterhorn, bad park experiences, sneakers, asleep by 9 pm, gray bushes, A type women, pregnancy at Disneyland, no […]