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Category: Gold

HBP: Episode 162: Yulia Romanova Pt 2 of 3

Welcome back! In part 2 of my chat with the wonderful actress and filmmaker Yulia Romanova, we talk about the film Gender which she stars in, wrestling, The Rock, Final Score and […]

DLP: Episode 255: Retro Wave Ness

In this episode, Ness returns from another trip to Nicaragua in which he discovers a truth about altitude. Milky recalls the moment when he realized that he shouldn’t go out […]

GDC: Episode 240: Key Bindings

Skip & Clint catch up on their weeks, then discuss new Dead Cells DLC, Slay The Spire on Switch, card games, Elder Scrolls Legends, Morrowind, having the right key bindings, […]

DLP: Episode 254: Simply Pouch Returns

In this episode, Pouch eats crow and infects the world with another solo episode. He provides an unnecessary and longwinded update regarding the recent absence. And then, he repeats it […]

OOO: Episode 226: Jack Nathan Harding

@jaspercolesays sits down with veteran character actor, singer, songwriter and producer @jacknathanharding listen in as they dive into his new creative endeavors as he ventures from acting into becoming a Gay Country Music Singer after the […]

GDC: Episode 239: Happy Endings

Skip & Clint catch up from the week, then talk Apollo 11, John Wick 3, Russian Doll, Benjamin (Redbox flick), WHO decides on Gaming Disorder, Skyrim Together, death threats, Red […]

LMU: Episode 128: Rob’s Brain Melted

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about Aaron Rodger’s Game of Thrones fandom (0:00), the Packers draft and was Mike McCarthy holding them back all this time? […]