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NWW: Episode 110: LeMaire Lee

LeMaire Lee is a stand up comedian and podcaster. He has a monthly show in Philadelphia called “Speakeasy Comedy Show”. He also has a podcast called “Alt-Black” which is available […]

DLP: Episode 245: ¡Hijo de Mil Puta!

In this episode, Metal Ness returns after losing his way in Nicaragua, but finding faith later on with Stryper. Milky describes the various expletives from Argentina. Pouch is just disappointed […]

TS: Episode 166: Dusty Microphones

A late night episode, the first in almost 4 months. Sal reunites with his brother Mike after 2 years to discuss the political climate, taxes, the Amazon deal in NY, […]

CTT: Episode 70: Peach Ring Ambrosia

ALL ABOARD for the Crazy Train of Thought podcast brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the only podcast on the internet to feature the best and worst of what humanity has to […]

MCC: Episode 101: Violett Beane

Violett Beane from God Friended Me joins host Elias on this week’s episode. Violett plays online journalist Cara Bloom on God Friended Me you may also recognize her from her work on other hit shows such as The […]

NWW: Episode 109: The Cinescape Podcast

Sean Harrigan & Bill Tozzi are podcast hosts. Their podcast “The Cinescape Podcast” is a movie, TV and comedy podcast that can be found wherever podcasts are available. You can […]

DLP: Episode 244: Driven by Nut

In this episode, Paco returns in the zero hour to rediscover her faith. Milky realizes that he’s an honorary Peruvian in the eyes of Paco’s father. Pouch here. Yeah, we […]

OOO: Episode 220: Breaking the News (Episode 3)

Listen in as @jaspercolesays and co-host @mikeltaylorgray discuss the latest Hollywood gossip, the Oscars, and a few of their favorite nominations. They also breakdown Trump’s recent declaration of emergency at our southern border, who in the White House may […]