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Category: Gold

NWW: Episode 101: Guy Schiavi

Guy Schiavi is a stand up comedian. He has a weekly show, every Thursday in Wilmington, DE called “The Next One at The Jackson Inn.”. He also hosts a monthly […]

DLP: Episode 239: Dick Sock

In this episode, Paco returns and instead of discussing Japan, she defends homeless people. Milky goes on the defensive against Pouch and Paco. Pouch is convinced that Paco intentionally uses […]

GDC: Episode 219: Jedi New Year

Clint starts off 2019 in solo mode! Some special shout-outs, special announcement, New Years Eve recap, Clint’s New Years Anti-Resolutions, closings & plugs and more.

MCC: Episode 092: Sydney Viengluang

Happy New Year! Sydney Viengluang from SYFY’s Z Nation joins host Elias on this week’s episode. Sydney joined the cast during season three and instantly became a fan favorite as Dr. Sun Mei, a biological […]

NWW: Episode 099: Albert Davis

Albert Davis is a stand up comedian. You can follow him on Instagram @albert.davis. SPONSOR: – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape catalog available! Buy oils, kits, pens, […]

GDC: Episode 218: Looking Forward

So, what are we looking forward to? Clint & Steve officially wrap up 2018 with a look ahead into the future. They discuss the things they’re most looking forward to […]

CTT: Episode 061: Muk AKA Purple J*zz

ALL ABOARD for the Crazy Train of Thought podcast brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the only podcast on the internet to constantly let down their listeners! MERRY CHRISTMAS […]

MCC: Episode 091: Mark Jackson

Happy Holidays! Mark Jackson joins host Elias on this week’s podcast episode. Mark stars as ‘Isaac,’ the artificial life science officer in Seth MacFarlane’s hit show The Orville. Season 2 is set to return December 30th on FOX. We talk […]

NWW: Episode 097: Zilla Rocca

Zilla Rocca is a rapper from Phialdelphia. His album “Future Former Rapper” is available on all platforms. Check out his website You can follow him on Instagram & Twitter […]