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Category: Gold

DLP: Episode 262: Sharknegro

In this episode, SPJ investigates the anime surrounding Soulja Boy. Milky wants to know what SPJ’s favorite animes are. Pouch respects the hustle. The boys marvel at the greatest crossover ever. Pouch […]

TS: Episode 170: Buffalo Anna

Sal & Chris talk to Mike Bocchetti about seedy New York City circa 1980s and his trysts with Buffalo Anna & “the Peruvian”. Chris also presents evidence that the moon […]

GDC: Episode 249: Five Years On

The gang’s all here, and together we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the show! We look at where the show started, how it’s evolved, what it’s become, Clint sees Aladdin, […]

DLP: Episode 261: Beware the Leprechauns

In this episode, The Elder reveals his irrational fear of leprechauns. Milky and Pouch discover that The Elder leads the street team for a Florida-exclusive Hip Hop band. Milky reveals […]

RSS: Episode 125: Geno Bisconte

Rob and Mike welcome comedian and host of “In Hot Water” on Compound Media Geno Bisconte. Geno talks about his comedy album, writing and production for Hot Water” and his […]

TS: Episode 169: Body, Age, Height, ANGER

SLA Podcast host Christopher Sorrentino joins Sal to discuss the buzz around Long Island angry short person Chris Morgan, review his videos, their own body images, strangeness from childhood, and the taking […]