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Category: Gold

MCC: Episode 100: Casey Webb

Casey Webb joins host Elias on this week’s podcast. Casey is the host of Man vs Food and Best Places to Pig Out. Casey is a food lover, actor, and […]

NWW: Episode 108: Dan Clark

Dan Clark is a comedian and podcast host. You can check out his podcast “My Voice Sucks” available wherever podcasts are available. Instagram: @talldinklage Twitter: @Danclark08 My Voice Sucks: […]

DLP: Episode 243: Mondongo

In this episode, SPJ returns after viewing four different Asian documentaries that baffle Milky and Pouch. SPJ and Pouch explain the concept of projectile vomiting to Milky, who strongly believes […]

MOW: Episode 258: Why Pleasure Island Closed

We continue our discussion regarding Disney’s Pleasure Island. On this episode, we discuss some of the possible reasons why this themed area with a very extensive backstory closed. Plus, we […]

GDC: Episode 226: The Ninety-Five Percent

Clint hangs out with friend, game developer and streamer Crankage Games. In this episode, Crankage offers Clint some new perspective, Metal as Phuk, the escape from life, putting it out […]

HBP: Episode 153: Laura Saxon

Laura Saxon is a young British actress with an excellent zest for life. She is headed off the the USA this year to commence filming as series regular Nurse Rebecca Stone in […]

MCC: Episode 99: Preacher Lawson

Preacher Lawson had a few minutes to join host Elias on this week’s episode. He is known for being a finalist on the 12th season of “America’s Got Talent.” and […]

NWW: Episode 107: Seamus Millar

Seamus Millar is a stand up comedian from Philadelphia, PA. You can follow him on Instagram @shamblesmurph & Twitter @a_cool_million. SPONSOR: – 30% off entire order! Largest online vape […]

DLP: Episode 242: Nipple-las Cage

In this episode, Pouch accidentally double-books their friend Devon with Lionheart. Together, they discuss Flavor of Love and how it became the Marvel Cinematic Universe of reality TV. Pouch makes […]