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Category: Gold

MCC: Episode 90: Brad Williams

Comedian Brad Williams joins host Elias on this week’s podcast episode. His half-hour comedy special debuted as part of Netflix’s “The Degenerates” series which premiered on October 30.  His previous […]

DLP: Episode 237: E. coli Boxer

In this episode, SPJ is upset with Pouch for not appreciating his computer setup. Pouch re-discovers SPJ’s Donald Duck impression. The boys analyze the phrase, “Tip drill.”   Pouch here. SPJ […]

CTT: Episode 059: Mr. Worldwide

Welcome back everyone to Crazy Train of Thought brought to you by The Idiot Savants, the only podcast on the internet to be devoid of all discernable intelligence! Team captain […]

DAP: Episode 107: Our Christmas Playlist!

This week on the show the boys run down their favorite Christmas songs and make the ultimate Dinner and a Podcast Christmas Playlist….. What are your favorite holiday songs?  Let us […]