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Category: Gold

VS: Episode 243: Abraham Joffe

We are back!  And this week, we are joined by producer, director, and cinematographer, Abraham Joffe.  You may have seen Abraham’s amazing work on Netflix’s  Tales By Light or Big Cat Tales on Animal Planet.  Abraham […]

DLP: Episode 252: Knackles & Sanic

In this episode, SPJ is prophesizing the endtimes to coincide with the release of a video game film adaptation. Milky looks for new moneymaking ventures. Pouch here. Though I tried to actually […]

GDC: Episode 236: Queued Up

Steve’s out this week, so Clint & Skip catch up and talk Avengers: Endgame, Endgame dominates the news, Xbox & Sony’s May free games, N.K. Jemisin’s “Broken Earth” trilogy, book […]

LMU: Episode 125: I Love You 3000

This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about the NBA playoffs, their wrongness about the Nuggets, this matchup between the Warriors and Rockets, how good Dame Lillard is, […]

DLP: Episode 251: Fat Swole

In this episode, ODG returns to discuss “Shazam!” and an ongoing conspiracy between strippers and their smelly patrons. Milky reminisces on the many wagers he made with God in his […]

OOO: Episode 224: Shelley Pack and Josh Sutherland

In this episode of One on One @jaspercolesays sits down with @pack_shelley and @sutherlandfilm to discuss their new independent film @chasing_molly. Listen in as they breakdown the unique approach they took to produce the film as well as […]

GDC: Episode 235: Naked In The Face

Botched intros and Happy Zombie Jesus Day, Easter plans, fondue restaurants are overrated, playing with the synth, that one video game, Sundered, Clint is willing to get naked (in the […]