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Category: Gold

VS: Episode 252: The Return of Victor Wooten

It doesn’t get much better than this.  For the second time, the world’s greatest bassplayer, Victor Wooten joins the show.  Victor is a grammy award winning musical legend, but more […]

DLP: Episode 259: Sex and Suicide

In this episode, Paco declares that she likely would not like to have sex with herself from another dimension. Milky explains his rules for various sex scenarios. Pouch does not […]

OOO: Episode 229: Breaking The News 6

@jaspercolesays and @mikeltaylorgray discuss all things politics in this episode of Breaking the News. Join in as they weigh in on the first Democratic Debates in Miami. 

GDC: Episode 245: Interesting

No Skip, no Steve. Clint brings in friend, artist, game dev, streamer Ron Martz! They talk about trolling, the streaming life, finding community, Batman & Robin, remake vs. remaster, quality […]

LMU: Episode 132: Who Wants Some Dawgs?

This week, Matt is joined by Phil to talk about the *slow* South (0:00), hittin’ horns (5:30), golfing, beach towns, and is Phil retired? (9:30).  Bro, Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut […]

DLP: Episode 258: Back Pussy

In this episode, the boys discuss the various ailments they’ve suffered. Milky reveals the one catalyst that would make him leave his life behind. Ness suggests a local Miami metal […]