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Category: HellblazerBiz

HBP: Episode 97: Adam Howden

Adam Howden is a British actor known for his stage, tv, film, game and voice over work. his most notable roles are as Anders in Dragon Age II, as Shulk […]

HBP: Episode 96: Ian Hanmore

Ian Hanmore is known for his roles as Pyat Pree in Season 2 of Game of Thrones – the warlock who locked up Daenerys’ dragons! He is also known as Father Angelo […]

HBP: Episode 93: Pevy Raz

Sit back and enjoy me talking with indie film writer/director Peyv Raz. We discuss his ideal actors to work with, why he hasn’t seen Dunkirk yet, but most of all about his […]

HBP: Episode 92: Dean Haglund

Ever since my teen years and a new show called The X Files debuted I have loved it. It fed my desire to believe and to identify with characters and […]

HBP: Episode 91: Lew Temple

Lew Temple is a talented actor hailing from New Orleans originally and known for his southern gentleman style of clothing. He has appeared on the big and small screen many […]

HBP: Episode 90: Tony Amendola

Tony Amendola is an American actor who has been on our screens for the last 30 years. He has been in many excellent and well known productions. For the listeners […]

HBP: Episode 89: Tom Paton

I first invited Tom onto my show in 2015, to talk about his upcoming first feature film Pandorica. I was then invited by Tom to the premiere at the Scifi Weekender in North […]