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Category: HellblazerBiz

HBP: Episode 77: Amanda Abbington

“I’m thrilled that I do have those fans that are very loyal and sweet” Amanda is an established British actress of stage and screen. She has had an illustrious career […]

HBP: Episode 76: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan first came to my attention as the snarky scouser John Constantine, however by the time he took on that role, he was already an established name on stage […]

HBP: Episode 75: Blaine Rincon (TXD)

Blaine Rincon portrays one of the Saviors on Team Gavin in the world wide hit TV show The Walking Dead. Blaine has always been an artist, having grown up in Florida, […]

HBP: Episode 74: Rory Cowan

Rory Cowan was going to be a banker. There was one problem. He didn’t want to. Excelling in maths, Rory deliberately failed his maths exams in order to rule that out […]

HBP: Episode 59: Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock is known for his roles as Pete Lattimer, the “goofy protective older brother, mixed with thepuppy who wants to just chase his tail” in Warehouse 13, as the […]

HBP: Episode 66: Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson is an esteemed actor, having appeared in many tv shows and films in his career. He is mostnotably recognised as Curtis “Lem” Leminsky in The Shield, Herman Kozic […]

HBP: Episode 73: Dennys Ilic

“I’m just a fanboy with a camera” Listen as Dennys Ilic, photographer and cinematographer, based in LA talks about his career, shares stories of those he has worked with, and how […]