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Category: HellblazerBiz

HBP: Episode 106: Daniella Piper

Daniella is currently on our screens on Sky One in the UK with the new hit comedy drama “Bounty Hunters” which stars Jack Whitehall. I recently had the pleasure of […]

HBP: Episode 105: Kate Davies-Speak

On this episode I welcome back Kate Davies Speak, a British actress who has a wealth of credits in her name and who has an active campaign to become Batgirl. […]

HBP: Episode 103: Ruediger Kuemmerle

“Ultimate Justice would not have been possible without an incredible young, ambitious and truly talented crew and the support of Mark Dacascos, a true hero of the martial arts industry […]

HBP: Episode 102: Debbie Sherman

Debbie Sherman was born in Southern California and graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from California State University of San Bernadino. She is married with two young daughters, and owns […]

HBP: Episode 101: Luke Guldan

Luke Guldan plays the lead role of Drew Dawson in ADDicted who I had the pleasure of talking to the creator of a few weeks ago. Luke is a great young actor and bodybuilder. […]

HBP: Episode 99: Arthur Egeli

Arthur Egeli started working on Murder in the Cape 13 years ago. The story of Christa Worthington’s murder intrigued him. A successful woman, Christa fell in love with a local fisherman in […]