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Category: The Slant

TS: Episode 114: The Gatorade Thief

From the death of a Betta fish to how Mono spread through the dugouts of Greg & Rob’s little league we’ve got a story to tell. From how Wonder Woman […]

TS: Episode 112: Girl 1 and Girl 2

The complete Slant Crew is back at the table to recap Lisa & Sal’s wedding and their individual experiences there. We get the behind the scenes tale of Pat’s quest […]

TS: Episode 111: Lisa & Sal Get Married

It’s finally here! The night before Lisa & Sal’s wedding. Also what happened the night of Lisa’s bachelorette party and the revelation and audio of Greg’s horrible sleep apnea. @slantshow on […]

TS: Episode 110: The Saturday Afternoon Club

Lisa Sweet Cream is about to leave to her bachelorette party and the crew is assembled to discuss what happened to Sal in a porta-potty this week, the Stephen Colbert/Trump controversy, […]

TS: Episode 108: Chicken Conveyor Belt

From the controversial show at Stand Up CBJ this week to the untimely deaths of friends, the Slant Crew tackles this crazy, unfair world we live in and tries to come […]