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OOO: Episode 214: Kim Tavares and Kameron Torry

This episode of One on One, @jaspercolesays is joined by longtime friend and comedian @kimrtavares and her son, actor and comedian @kadilac_kam to talk about the state of comedy, political correctness, and generational […]

SFP: Episode 215: Disenchanting Science

This Episode Contains: Life is pleasantly mundane for the most part. Except for a crappy thing that happened to Devon at work. Artificial Butt Rope: “Bigger Proteins, Stronger Threads: Synthetic Spider […]

DLP: Episode 215: 200% Enlightenment

In this episode, SPJ and Milky are man-shaming Pouch for his Male Masculinity Toxicity. Due to Pouch’s jealousy, Milky is forced to bring in the same game from last week. […]

FHP: Episode 125: Preseason Panic

With preseason well underway, there’s all types of news we need to get caught up on. We go over the recent OBJ injury and what that means for your upcoming […]

DLP: Episode 142: Queer Eye for the X-Men Guy

In this episode, SPJ returns and slightly teases on the Don Francisco Promise Historia. SPJ reviews the X-Men: Apocalypse joint, in which he explains the villain’s other occupation. Pouch decides […]

GDC: Episode 90: Pinball Wizards

Todd’s off getting drilled (it wasn’t as sexy as that sounded), so this episode Clint is joined by gaming buddy & pinball enthusiast, Ryan Gibson (a.k.a., Gib8777)! We talk about pinball, pinball […]

WP: Episode 109: Call of Duty Sucks

  Zach and Jonny react to recent Call of Duty and Battlefield trailers and the controversy they spawned. They also talk about the upcoming Comicpalooza panel featuring the Houston Nerd-Casting […]