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MFX: MFXTRA: 3 Pints With Betty – Ep 4.

Welcome one and welcome all, the bar is open, the drinks are poured, so raise a glass and let’s get all fucked up on the biggest nerd news stories of the past couple of weeks. Join your heroes Duckman and Marc Abrigo as they give nerd news the full 3PB treatment. On the show this week…

Happy New Year MFX Galaxy!!  The first week of the new year and we’re back with so much nerd news and discussion we had to make a podcast that goes well over 2 hours to cover it all.  The lads catch up on what they’ve been up to over Christmas and New Year.  They talk all the nerd movies they’ve watched with Marc giving none spoilers reviews of Aquaman, Spider-man Into the Spiderverse and Bumblebee.  Duckman talks Teen Titans Go to the Movies, The Incredibles 2 and the bizarre and ground breaking interactive Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch.  Plus we hear Marc get all fired up about people talking during movies.

The new Hellboy movie trailer has been released and the lads aren’t that impressed.  Duckman marks the hell out for the CW Network’s Elsewords cross over event with Arrow, Flash and Supergirl.  Marc has more news on Fallout 76 disasters.  Plus Duckman has a bit of a rant about people complaining about the recent series of Dr Who.  A damn fun show and a great start to the new year with MFX.

As always thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.

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