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DLP: Episode 92: You Shall Not Pass

In this episode, Ness returns to weigh in on the new PornHub project and heads to Sweden for his band recommendation on Metal Ness. The boys say goodbye to the legendary Christopher Lee. 
Too many things to talk about and so little time, but it’s always a blast with Ness. It seems we’ve relegated porn industry and music news to the Mighty Ness. It only makes sense. Also, please send us your suggestions for the 100th episode at or Twitter using #dlpold and #barelylegal96. We may or may not be working on something for the Metal Ness segment. Intro/Outro: Ghost – Cirice. 
Get a Load of This
Metal Ness
Metsatoll – Verdict: Folk as Fuck
Ghost – Verdict: Metal as Fuck
Shit We Mentioned
For more details on the topics discussed on this episode, please visit the Dropping Loads official website.

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