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GDC: EPISODE 037: Moving The Needle With Roy & Sean

Episode 37 Show Image

In this episode, we are joined by Roy & Sean, friends and co-hosts of the Moving The Needle Podcast! We talk about guilty pleasures, Napster/torrents, golden showers, salty language, rules for dating our daughters, Super Mario Bros, walking the dinosaur, Daredevil, Nathan doesn’t go to the movies, movie theaters, guest taboos, the Poltergeist remake kinda sucked, movies that should never be tagged for reboots, the hulking buff dude from Game of Thrones, Tom Cruise movies, movie theaters, Clint is Robert Englund’s nightmare, Zombeavers was terrible, Sean & the Marvel movies, technical difficulties & losing Sean, Fast & Furious movies, Nathan listens to Moving The Needle, Jurassic Park, movies that necessitated multiple viewings, cell phone jammers in theaters, kids’ cell phones, more movie talk, our plugs, closing chatter, a dancing baby, more closing chatter.

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