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GDC: EPISODE 54: Illegal In 19 States


This episode, I’m joined by Eric Meling (a.k.a., Lady E) of the Ladies Night Podcast. Sneaking out tosmoke, the Derrick Pierce interview, finding a place to live, early housewarming gift, Never Sleep Again, meeting Robert Englund, Tusk, Kevin Smith movies, Johnny Depp, RPG’s & MMO’s, religious upbringing, Kim Davis ruins Eye Of The Tiger, knowing fellow podcasters, 35 seconds in Canada, Clint’s plans for global domination, our thoughts on The Force Awakens, the Wilhelm Scream through Star Wars, Disturbia, Rear Window, Clint’s love of Keira Knightley, Everest, who we’d have on our sex island, James Bond, Tom Cruise is a douche yet we love his movies, the Fast & Furious movies, Evil Dead says you can judge a book by its cover, the Evil Dead TV show, meeting Bruce Campbell, Lady E meets Tenacious D, saying “no” vs “not right now”, peanut butter beer, Clint will travel for beer, road tripping, RCCC, hearing Brony erotic fan fiction, closings & plugs. Hail Hydra!

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