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GDC: EPISODE 55: Declassified With Agent Palmer

Michael Caine, Crime, Krimi, Winter, waffen

This week, joining the show is none other than the famous Agent Palmer! We talk about not attending RCCC, being interrupted by RCCC attendees on Periscope, our phone notifications, liking old school Transformers over Michael Bay Transformers, would kids these days appreciate Thundercats, is 1983-1992 our new golden age of cartoons, JJ Abrams is playing both sides, can’t we all just get along, Nichelle Nichols, did Star Trek lay the ground work for Star Wars to succeed, Palmer gives Clint homework, Wizards, @TechTimeTeddy & @DiamondDave interrupt us with RCCC, why do we watch people on Periscope, Clint gets creepy with Periscope, reconnecting is buffering by another name, Force Friday & what we want, Funko Pop figures, technical difficulties, web geek is totally a thing, what’s on a web geek’s business card, Phantom Menace, would Jar Jar be better received as a practical effect, the prequels, Gotham, not having cable sucks, the Muppets are now more for adults, Kermit’s new chick is a real pig, collecting animation cels, Palmer needs to play Duck Tales, our favorite video game music, the soundtracks we want, where Kingdom Hearts went wrong, that one game we didn’t have time to complete, The Kilted One & his “words” from RCCC, podcast latecomers, TLPS, Grant and Episodes 31-32, Jay needs to resurrect Between The Covers, professional vs indie podcasts, we love our podcaster circle, the Mixlr that wouldn’t end, closing & plugs.

You Can Find Agent Palmer At:



Twitter:  @AgentPalmer


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