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DLP: Episode 182: Black Man in Black

In this episode, Paco returns from Spooky Empire without any stories of drunken debauchery. Milky managed to prank another cop.
Pouch here. Paco finally returns after another weekend in Orlando for Spooky Empire. There are definitely some fun stories to be shared, except Paco didn’t get drunk.
Intro/outro: Will Smith – Men in Black.
Get a Load of This
Someone Tried to Hide Meth Using Fucking Pottery
Paco’s Tacos
Pouch’s FajitasShaken People Share A Terrifying Experience They Had That Will Stick With Them Forever
Real Life Crime Scenes and the Movies They Inspired
Kids are having convulsing and vomiting in Peruvian school
Mysterious True Stories Too Freaky for Mulder and Scully
Serial Killer of the Day: Lizzie Halliday
Shit We Mentioned
For more details on the topics discussed on this episode, please visit the Dropping Loads official website

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