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DLP: Episode 199.5: Pouch-Level Cannon

In this episode, the guys bring back their friend Dorkie, who currently co-hosts “What the Con?” on the DLP YouTube channel. Pouch brings back Loads of FUN. Milky hates LEGOs.
Pouch here. Yes, we did it again. It’s become a tradition that before we hit a huge milestone, we do a .5 episode just to prolong it a little bit. First, we had an episode 9.5, then an episode 99.5, and now an episode 199.5. So 200 is next week, folks. Something is coming up, so stay tuned. Also, enjoy a rare Loads of FUN! Intro/Outro: Drake Bell – I Found a Way.
Get a Load of This
Dog Needs a Fucking High Chair to Eat and Drink
You Can Fucking Stay in a Lego House
Loads of FUN: Villainous Loads
Shit We Mentioned
For more details on the topics discussed on this episode, please visit the Dropping Loads official website

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