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DLP: Episode 235: Spooky Transmitted Disease

In this episode, the guys return from their trip to Japan. SPJ regales on his act of heroism in Hiroshima. Milky wasn’t aware of Barry White’s passing. Being exposed to the land that created it, Pouch may have relapsed on tentacle porn.  

Pouch here. Sorry, we didn’t anticipate taking the month off, but our trip to Japan really took it out of us. As expected from us by now, we will be talking more about experiences for the next few episodes, so we wouldn’t be offended if you sat out the next few. If you care to join us as we review our trip, we’d love you. Intro/outro: Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake.  

Get a Load of This 

Dumbass Told a Restaurant that he was going to Blow it up with a Bomb, but Claims that he just Needed to take a Fucking Shit 

Man Tries to Change his Fucking Age 

Woman is Engaged to a Fucking Ghost 

Shit We Mentioned 

For more details on the topics discussed on this episode, please visit the Dropping Loads official website. 

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