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LMU: Episode 131: Secure the Bag


This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about Kawhi Leonard vs. Kevin Durant (0:00), the national media vs. the local media for sports (9:00), league expansions and what to do when your team moves (16:00), the Raptors winning the NBA Finals, AD goes to the Lakers, Kyrie is on the move, and how the NBA gets shaken up this summer (24:00), LaMelo Ball commits to play in the NBL after RJ Hampton and what it means for the NBA (38:00), improving the pay in minor league systems (42:00), Nick Saban’s recruiting tactics and can we start paying NCAA athletes already (50:00), and the Mets and Red Sox have no relief pitching (1:12:00). Then Rob comes on to talk the Globo Gym 15th anniversary and Dodgeball as an underrated movie (0:00), the Bachelor, Flavor of Love, Double Shot at Love, and other love based shows (6:00), what’s Vanilla Ice up to now? (10:00), OJ’s Twitter account (15:00), Brett Favre isn’t coming back from retirement…or is he? (20:00), a retired priest goes into gay porn (30:00), hardcore religious communities and trying to get excommunicated (35:00), and answer some listener hypotheticals (53:00).

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