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LMU: Episode 132: Who Wants Some Dawgs?

This week, Matt is joined by Phil to talk about the *slow* South (0:00), hittin’ horns (5:30), golfing, beach towns, and is Phil retired? (9:30).  Bro, Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut are gonna eat so many dogs bro also please sponsor us Pepto Bismol (16:00), your Top 4s for the Fourth and don’t be that guy please (25:00). MLB has an all-star game and the home run derby is coming and so is a 500-foot home run (40:00), and the USWNT is winning the World Cup obviously (57:00). Also, the NBA is fine, it’s totally fine, everything is fine (1:02:00). Then, Dom joins the show to talk about the Nets(!!!!) getting Kyrie, KD, and DeAndre Jordan. Are they going to win the title? Hard to say (1:35:35).


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