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LMU: Episode 135: Your Grandma Makes Pizza?

This week, Matt is joined by Rob to talk about when the lights go out at the gym (0:00), why should we believe car alarms and fire alarms, they’re all liars! (7:00), you should have to pass a test to be a parent (14:30),  Ed Sheeren 100% has “f u money” (19:00), LSU spent how much money on its new locker room??? and is Coach O just Farmer Fran? (24:00), and Jon Jones is arrested again, time to give up on him (29:00). Then they call Phil to talk about The Sopranos and putting pineapple on pizza (40:20), eating like the I-talians (45:00). Then Rob and Matt talk about the Open Championship and slow golfers are the slow walkers of the sports world (56:00), we have to give props to Aaron Boone for calling his guys savages (1:01:00), and the best 2-animal combinations they can think of (1:04:00).


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