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HBP: S08EP20: Conversation with actress Tammy Kaitz

“I’m sort of a Julia Roberts type, with the sass of Annie Potts and a drop of Larry David!” is how Tammy describes herself on her website http://www.tammykaitz.comand I can see why. Tammy is a fantastic actress, with a wealth of experience dating back to when she was 3 years old. Studied in London and experienced her art and passion for acting through the medium of TV, Film and theatre. She even casually talks of working alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Lisa Kudrow on stage before they landed the roles that took them to stardom. Tammy is a delightful lady, with an expert way of telling stories and sharing memories. She can be seen currently on Amazon Prime Video in Man Camp, where she plays a middle aged mother with comedic and dramatic aplomb. Sit back, unwind and enjoy this conversation with Tammy Kaitz.

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