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VS: Episode 358: Jason Forthofer

A couple of inspirational quotes to get you in the mood for today’s episode.

“People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes” Pauline Phillips
“FIRE!!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!!!” Beavis

Today we speak with Jason Forthofer, who does scientific research and study on the spread of wild land fires for the US Forest Service. We pick Jason’s brain on the work he does on tracking fire patterns, the dangers he and his fellow firefighters face, explain what a “fire tornado” is, and even the politics of natural disasters. We dive into the seriousness of these phenomena’s, and then did are usual thing asking about his bonfire skills and best Hollywood movies.

We also talk about a bar fight league, a story about Scott’s truck rolling down a hill, and play a game involving some amazing mothers.

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