DLP: Episode 289: [Unintelligible]

In this episode, SPJ and Milky discover that the person who wrote the captions to Dead Heist didn’t understand the actors. SPJ surprises Pouch with a double feature Semi-Plot. Pouch […]

PP: Episode 228

Racism – Central Park “Karen” aka Amy Cooper fired & dog taken away for racist production (3:45) Minneapolis cop murders man by knee to the neck as three other cops […]

SFP: Episode 300: Fouch and Twizpipe

This episode contains: Welcome Devon back to the podcast after his paternity leave…but don’t get too excited, he’s only back because this is our 300th episode! We talk kids, Simpsons […]

VS: Episode 298: Mike Reynolds

Today, we are joined by Michael E. Reynolds.  Mike is an American architect who is based out of New Mexico. He is well known for his construction and design of […]

PP: Episode 227

Almost every wolf is killed by trappers on Alaskan island (5:20) MI dams break (12:45) “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli denied release from prison (16:35) NC Senator Richard Burr steps down […]


@jaspercolesays and co-host @ralphcolejr welcome to the show, Emmy Award winning Producer/Writer/Director @gregorijmartin. He is the Creator of the Multiple Emmy winning series THE BAY as well as yA, and […]

SFP: Episode 299: Giving Blood for Science

This episode contains: Steven and Ben talk about napping and salad. Don’t worry, we get to the science pretty quick. This Week in Space: ESO instrument finds closest Black Hole […]

VS: Episode 296: Jack O’Halloran

We are back!  And today, we are joined by well known former boxer and actor, Jack O’Halloran!  You may recognize Jack from his time in the ring with the likes […]

DLP: Episode 288: Mangry

In this episode, Milky takes up an instrument under quarantine. SPJ faces death a few times while out in the wild. Pouch refuses to engage in a prank, bro. Pouch […]