VS: Episode 229: The Cat’s Meow

We are back with our first episode of the new year. We are on to year five of this here podcast. We continue to usher in new, unique guests, and […]

GDC: Episode 221: Skip It

Clint & Steve welcome Skip back to the show! Once the guys catch up a bit, the guys talk Red Dead Redemption 2 (a lot), Marvel movie rankings, Resident Evil […]

SFP: Episode 232: New Year, Old Us

This episode contains: Devon talks briefly about his grandma going into hospice care. We then talk about our weekend hanging out together and playing board games. We also saw the […]

MCC: Episode 93: London Brown

Comedian/Actor London Brown from HBO’s Ballers joins host Elias on this week’s episode. You have seen him as “Fat Reggie” on Ballers, we talk about his career in acting and […]

PP: Episode 155

Singing brain surgery Big Pharma raises prescription drug prices 6% (9:45) Texas 14 year old charged with murder after egg “prank” turns deadly (16:05) Zoo incidents – Lion kills intern/Girl […]

NWW: Episode 101: Guy Schiavi

Guy Schiavi is a stand up comedian. He has a weekly show, every Thursday in Wilmington, DE called “The Next One at The Jackson Inn.”. He also hosts a monthly […]

DLP: Episode 239: Dick Sock

In this episode, Paco returns and instead of discussing Japan, she defends homeless people. Milky goes on the defensive against Pouch and Paco. Pouch is convinced that Paco intentionally uses […]

GDC: Episode 220: T&C Rank The MCU

Part 2 of a crossover episode with Travis-T from This Freakin Show (Part 1 available there). Here, Clint & Travis continue their rankings and discuss their Top 10 films in […]

GDC: Episode 219: Jedi New Year

Clint starts off 2019 in solo mode! Some special shout-outs, special announcement, New Years Eve recap, Clint’s New Years Anti-Resolutions, closings & plugs and more.