MCC: Episode 101: Violett Beane

Violett Beane from God Friended Me joins host Elias on this week’s episode. Violett plays online journalist Cara Bloom on God Friended Me you may also recognize her from her work on other hit shows such as The […]

PP: Episode 163

The Oscars Parents who don’t take financial responsibility for their children after a divorce (15:00) Cardinal George Pell charged with sexual assault on minors (21:30) Racism – First Lady Pam […]

NWW: Episode 109: The Cinescape Podcast

Sean Harrigan & Bill Tozzi are podcast hosts. Their podcast “The Cinescape Podcast” is a movie, TV and comedy podcast that can be found wherever podcasts are available. You can […]

VS: Episode 235: Vermin Supreme

The 2020 election is coming soon, and today we are joined by one of the hot candidates running for office.  The unique, passionate, and hilarious, Vermin Supreme joins us on […]

DLP: Episode 244: Driven by Nut

In this episode, Paco returns in the zero hour to rediscover her faith. Milky realizes that he’s an honorary Peruvian in the eyes of Paco’s father. Pouch here. Yeah, we […]

OOO: Episode 220: Breaking the News (Episode 3)

Listen in as @jaspercolesays and co-host @mikeltaylorgray discuss the latest Hollywood gossip, the Oscars, and a few of their favorite nominations. They also breakdown Trump’s recent declaration of emergency at our southern border, who in the White House may […]

GDC: Episode 227: On Fyre

Clint & Skip discuss Activision/Blizzard layoffs, Terminator reboot, whispers of a new X-Wing game, is Blu-Ray going the way of the Dodo, Ja Rule doesn’t learn from his mistakes and […]

TSP: Episode 024: The Three Amigos

Join The Save Point Podcast discussion by clicking HERE  TSP Discord Steve, Jesus and Dan are here for episode 24.  The Save Point Podcast is now partnered with and the If you […]

MCC: Episode 100: Casey Webb

Casey Webb joins host Elias on this week’s podcast. Casey is the host of Man vs Food and Best Places to Pig Out. Casey is a food lover, actor, and […]

PP: Episode 162

Racist teens in NC/Woman in Cali diner/Alabama Editor calls on the KKK (4:55) The monumental idiot that is Jussie Smollett (26:40) ISIS brides want to return to their home countries […]