DLP: Episode 256: Dad Dick Energy

In this episode, Lionheart returns to educate the masses on the grand power of the dad dick. Pouch discovers Lionheart’s repugnant feet. Pouch here. This was an insanely aimless episode […]

SFP: Episode 252: Actual Communism

This episode contains: Nothing has gone wrong in Devon’s new house so far. Devon highly recommends the miniseries Chernobyl. That and other banter before we get down to the science. […]

PP: Episode 177

Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana! (3:55) Jeopardy champion James Holzhauer loses in peculiar fashion(16:00) Drama at the mental health center and the DMV (23:45) Disturbing disposition from a KC cop on […]

VS: Episode 248: Dungeon Master Timm Woods

This one is for the true nerds!  Today, we are joined by professional dungeon master, Timm Woods.  Timm is an educator and storyteller who specializes in game-based education. Timm describes […]

MOW: Episode 273: 2019 Disney Legends

On today’s episode, we discuss news the 2019 Disney Legends honorees to be recognized at this year’s D23 convention. In addition, we answer a couple of emails regarding a Disney […]

GDC: Episode 241: Play The Odds

Clint & Steve sit catch up, shout out @Ltdanmagicleg, weed legalizing in Illinois, anti-loot box bills threaten sports games, Google forces app makers to disclose the odds of loot boxes, […]

HBP: Episode 162: Yulia Romanova Pt 2 of 3

Welcome back! In part 2 of my chat with the wonderful actress and filmmaker Yulia Romanova, we talk about the film Gender which she stars in, wrestling, The Rock, Final Score and […]