PP: Episode 226

5 Year old celebrated for stealing SUV & driving on the highway Racism – McMichael rednecks charged with murder/911 call/NC officer’s Lynch mob at the wrong house (10:55) William Barr […]

OOO: Episode 251: SEAN KANAN

@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr sit down with Award winning Actor/Writer/Producer @seankanan. He will be telling us all about his new Amazon Digital Series STUDIO CITY as well as sharing his journey […]

HBP: Episode 180: Max Talisman

Actor, singer and writer, Max Talisman is set to make his directorial debut in his upcoming romantic comedy, THINGS LIKE THIS. The film stars Charlie Tahan (Netflix’s “Ozark”), Eric Roberts […]

SFP: Episode 298: A Gigaton of Dumb

This episode contains: Steven’s mind is a void and Ben is getting back to his other, other job, book publishing. https://penciledin.com/ All We Are is Dust in the Wind, Dude: […]

PP: Episode 225

Racism – Jogging while black/GA father & son rednecks hunt & kill innocent man Joe Biden addresses sexual assault allegations (10:00) Trump – The debt/Kayleigh McEnany/Daniel Dale fact checks the […]

OOO: Episode 250: Tamara Braun

@jaspercolesays and @ralphcolejr are excited to be joined by Emmy winning Actress @tamarabraun: She is a daytime drama veteran having starred on the hit series DAYS OF OUR LIVES, ALL […]

SFP: Episode 297: Adherence to the Organic

This episode contains: Birth announcement! Devon and Jen had a healthy baby boy, Elliot Liam Craft. Congrats! Ben tells us of his adventures in Minecraft with his son. Steven answers […]

VS: Episode 292: Larry Hankin

Oh, you have certainly seen our guest along the way.  From classic movies like Escape From Alcatraz, to comedic performances in Billy Madison and Seinfeld, to Home Alone, and even […]

DLP: Episode 287: Prostitution Penis

In this episode, Pouch reveals that someone may have a crush on Milky. SPJ and Milky discover that Pouch may be infected with 15G. Pouch here. We definitely are running […]

PP: Episode 224

The Last Dance – Bulls talk about the dirty bastard “bad boys” of Detroit/Michael Jordan…The GOAT Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegations (37:25) Coronavirus – Health vs. economy/Gov. Pritzker & the […]