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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 189: He’s Back.

This episode contains: Devon is back! He tells us all about his new fatherhood experiences. Then we chat a bit about the Superbowl that we’re not watching while we’re recording […]

SFP: Episode 188: Anarchy on the Moon

This episode contains: Steven is by himself this episode, no co-host in sight. Stay tuned to the second half, because we have an interview with MJ Taylor the PhD. Devon […]

SFP: Episode 187: An Educated Opinion

This episode contains: Another episode, another guest co-host. This week we welcome MJ Taylor, PhD to the podcast! Steven recounts the first time that they met, and she tell us […]

SFP: Episode 181: If AI Ruled the World

This episode contains: This week we recognize Pearl Harbor and how a tragedy will become just another day given enough time. It was Steven’s birthday and Devon got him a […]

SFP: Episode 178: Flat Earth Failures

This episode contains: We’ve recorded on the weekend again. Life gets in the way, whatcha gon’ do? Devon did a four hour birthing class, and is a changed man. Steven […]

SFP: Episode 177: Stranger Movies

This Episode Contains: Devon has a huge sweet tooth so is going through sugar withdrawal. Steven also had a pretty bad diet. Steven then tells us all about his new […]

SFP: Episode 176: NCC-1031

This episode contains: We’ve got a Star Trek filled episode with a special guest! (BTW, this is an explicit episode) But first, Steven talks about the new Assassins Creed game […]

SFP: Episode 175: Spiderama

This episode contains: We talk about our early Halloween partying and old man Devon complains about these damned 20-somethings that don’t know anything. Steven went to his brother-in-laws’ wedding. Robot […]