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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 200: Black Star

This episode contains: Devon went to a Giants game and so missed our interview. Devon happened to go to MetallicA night even though he didn’t plan it. Also, Steven didn’t […]

SFP: Episode 197: Gunting for Hard Suns

  This episode contains: Devon is still building his LEGO Millennium Falcon. He calls it the “best LEGO set ever made.” We talk a bit about Easter, the lore behind […]

SFP: Episode 196: Organic Processors

This episode contains: Devon is back, and playing with his mic. Devon is also waiting for the LEGO Millennium Falcon. We discuss LEGO for a while, then discuss Stephen Hawking. […]

SFP: Episode 193: The Shape of Rebels

This episode contains: Devon is back to work after another two weeks of paternity leave. We’re also recording a day before posting, so we’re more relevant! We have a little talk […]

SFP: Episode 189: He’s Back.

This episode contains: Devon is back! He tells us all about his new fatherhood experiences. Then we chat a bit about the Superbowl that we’re not watching while we’re recording […]

SFP: Episode 188: Anarchy on the Moon

This episode contains: Steven is by himself this episode, no co-host in sight. Stay tuned to the second half, because we have an interview with MJ Taylor the PhD. Devon […]

SFP: Episode 187: An Educated Opinion

This episode contains: Another episode, another guest co-host. This week we welcome MJ Taylor, PhD to the podcast! Steven recounts the first time that they met, and she tell us […]