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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 332: Who Has The Conn?

This episode contains: This is a podcast about Science and Science Fiction, but when the world is on fire, we have to talk about it. We start this episode talking […]

SFP: Episode 330: Star Peace

This episode contains: We start out ready for 2021. Ben and kid have been reading Legend of Korra comics. Steven bought a 3D Printer. Art is in the Eye of […]

SFP: Episode 329: Shut Up Nerd

  This episode contains: Devon finally tells us what makes him happy, and it turns out it’s a Mel Gibson movie. Merry Christmas. Time Keeps on Ticking: New type of […]

SFP: Episode 328: Superfast

This episode contains: Devon had a spaghetti incident, so he’ll be joining us in the second half. Ben has been sizzling, and Steven finally has a kitchen again. Gotta Go […]

SFP: Episode 327: Fight Crying

This episode contains: This is a very special birthday episode. It’s Steven’s birthday and he asked his co-hosts Ben and Devon to do an oops all sci-fi episode. They obliged. […]

SFP: Episode 326: M-Triggered

This episode contains: Steven didn’t do the math and he and Ben had to record on Thanksgiving. The two talk turkey about their respective dinners. R-R-R-R-Random: A biochemical random number […]

SFP: Episode 325: Three Cheers for Telomeres

This episode contains: We talk about our Thanksgiving traditions regarding gravy. Ben is ditching his iPhone for an Android, which some would consider heresy. …It’s Windy: Climate change causes landfalling […]

SFP: Episode 324: Initial Departure

This episode contains: We start off talking about how long we’ve been quarantining and how we’re not crazy, you’re crazy. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Pfizer has a […]