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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 336: Like A Rock

This episode contains: We kick off this episode with some real Devon talk. Ben is using libraries correctly. Steven watched a little bit of TV. Spiders, Is There Anything They […]

SFP: Episode 335: Erbit Changed

This episode contains: We all survived the recent storm in California, some of us more than others. Watch out for those downed power lines, Ben! If You Liked It You […]

SFP: Episode 334: 95% Effective

This episode contains: We talk about President Biden’s inauguration, and what we did to celebrate (like buy a bone folder or a hot tub). Debunking Pseudoscience: Ineffective ‘learning styles’ theory […]

SFP: Episode 333: Pick a Lane

This episode contains: This week we kick off the episode with some computer problems. Ben’s PC failed him, and Steven attempts to diagnose it. World Beat: How Earth’s oddest mammal […]

SFP: Episode 332: Who Has The Conn?

This episode contains: This is a podcast about Science and Science Fiction, but when the world is on fire, we have to talk about it. We start this episode talking […]

SFP: Episode 330: Star Peace

This episode contains: We start out ready for 2021. Ben and kid have been reading Legend of Korra comics. Steven bought a 3D Printer. Art is in the Eye of […]

SFP: Episode 329: Shut Up Nerd

  This episode contains: Devon finally tells us what makes him happy, and it turns out it’s a Mel Gibson movie. Merry Christmas. Time Keeps on Ticking: New type of […]

SFP: Episode 328: Superfast

This episode contains: Devon had a spaghetti incident, so he’ll be joining us in the second half. Ben has been sizzling, and Steven finally has a kitchen again. Gotta Go […]