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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 352: TiMe DiSpLAceD

This episode contains: This is a weird episode. We didn’t record at the same time and Devon only speaks in music. Ben (and son) saw the lunar eclipse. Steven went […]

SFP: Episode 351: Set Your Expectations

This episode contains: We celebrate wedding anniversaries and build chicken coops. Chit chat is Ben’s favorite part. All We Are Is Dust In The Wind, Dude: Better than holograms: 3D-animated […]

SFP: Episode 347: Teach the Robots to Fish

This episode contains: Steven starts this episode with talking about how he’s gone ‘full dad’ and now ‘enjoys’ yard work.  It’s weird. Ben talks about his epic playing of Danger […]

SFP: Episode 345: Space Filled

This episode contains: Ben and Steven talk about how they are spending their spring breaks, whether it be taking cars to get serviced or getting a second covid vaccine shot. […]

SFP: Episode 344: Mice Can’t Lie

This episode contains: We talk a bit about Easter, and Steven is a real poo in the shoe about the whole affair. Bears: An Unknown Disease Is Giving Bears Dog-Like […]