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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 326: M-Triggered

This episode contains: Steven didn’t do the math and he and Ben had to record on Thanksgiving. The two talk turkey about their respective dinners. R-R-R-R-Random: A biochemical random number […]

SFP: Episode 325: Three Cheers for Telomeres

This episode contains: We talk about our Thanksgiving traditions regarding gravy. Ben is ditching his iPhone for an Android, which some would consider heresy. …It’s Windy: Climate change causes landfalling […]

SFP: Episode 324: Initial Departure

This episode contains: We start off talking about how long we’ve been quarantining and how we’re not crazy, you’re crazy. Light at the End of the Tunnel: Pfizer has a […]

SFP: Episode 323: Adjustments

This episode contains: We talk about the current US presidential election. Ben deals with standardized testing. Steven makes dreams come true. Brain Matters: Brain study pinpoints why music can literally […]

SFP: Episode 322: Boop-the-Snoot

This episode contains: With Ben absent, Devon fills the podcast with talk of Star Wars Squadrons and using the Force maybe. Halloween Spooktacular: Shifts In Pet Cemetery Practices Reflect Our […]

SFP: Episode 321: Perfectly Exemplified

This episode contains: Ben is on medication and Steven upgraded his tech, strap in for this one folks, it’s a dozy. Keep Your Eyeballs Peeled: Online images are not always […]

SFP: Episode 319: Frivolous Fusion Lawsuits

This episode contains: We start off this episode on a high note and recount the misadventures of Reginald Barclay. Let’s Get Physical: Validating the physics behind the new fusion experiment: […]

SFP: Episode 318: Rough One

This episode contains: We get a rough start on this one and it doesn’t stop. Devon’s kid had to take a Covid test. Ben is optimistic. Steven’s kitchen no longer […]