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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 322: Boop-the-Snoot

This episode contains: With Ben absent, Devon fills the podcast with talk of Star Wars Squadrons and using the Force maybe. Halloween Spooktacular: Shifts In Pet Cemetery Practices Reflect Our […]

SFP: Episode 321: Perfectly Exemplified

This episode contains: Ben is on medication and Steven upgraded his tech, strap in for this one folks, it’s a dozy. Keep Your Eyeballs Peeled: Online images are not always […]

SFP: Episode 319: Frivolous Fusion Lawsuits

This episode contains: We start off this episode on a high note and recount the misadventures of Reginald Barclay. Let’s Get Physical: Validating the physics behind the new fusion experiment: […]

SFP: Episode 318: Rough One

This episode contains: We get a rough start on this one and it doesn’t stop. Devon’s kid had to take a Covid test. Ben is optimistic. Steven’s kitchen no longer […]

SFP: Episode 317: Communication

This episode contains: Operating without a safety net, the boys plow on ahead. Devon talks about how he writes and records music. Devon also attempts to do an article we’ve […]

SFP: Episode 316: Water Fat

This episode contains: Devon join us once again (for part of the episode) and Ben talks about the Eye Contact feature in iOS14. This Week In Space: ‘Black dwarf supernova’: […]

SFP: Episode 315: Boot Loop

This episode contains: We missed last week because of Computer woes and audio issues, We read a listener email which teaches us all about female writers and directors. Anti-Gravity Love […]

SFP: Episode 314: Fantabulous

(This episode is late because Steven’s computer broke. Sorry.) This episode contains: We start off this episode talking more about the wildfires in California. Ben has designed and published a […]