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Category: Science Faction Podcast

SFP: Episode 312: Thematically On-Brand

This episode contains: We start off by talking about the weather and how it’s melting us. We then transition to distance learning and what we’re doing with our kids. News: […]

SFP: Episode 311: Non-Chaotic SMILES

This episode contains: We get this episode rolling with some talk about our sick pets. Don’t worry all is well, except our carpets. The Future is so Bright, You have […]

SFP: Episode 310: 7 Minutes of Terror

This episode contains: Devon is back for this episode, we try to talk about what we’ve been up to but it’s all too depressing. On to the science! This Week […]

SFP: Episode 307: Angle of Ejection

This episode contains: Devon is back! He tells us about what he’s been up to, including some family drama? Also, we talk about what we did for the 4th and […]

SFP: Episode 306: All The Pies

This episode contains: We’re recording late, for various reason, and Devon can’t join us. Everything is hard. Brain Matters: Why are some words more memorable than others? Our brains recall […]

SFP: Episode 305: The Bees and Knees

This episode contains: We talk about how quarantine continues to affect us and our lives. Steven is having a tough time with his kids and Ben is having a better […]

SFP: Episode 304: Distinctly Fungal

This episode contains: Ben has been quarantined for 100 days. We talk about Juneteenth and how to be anti-racist. This Week in Space: New light has been shed on existing […]